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tim(commercial director) mason

executing executions for ad execs

i have directed a wide range of commercials for a wide range of brands

here are some of my favorites

more can be found at tessafilms


Bryce Harper's Hair
(blind barber)

Social media campaign that quickly became a viral sensation with nearly 1 million views in just 3 days.

The brand gained earned media coverage in outlets such as ESPN, AdWeek, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Today Show and more.

Blind Barber's brand recognition was elevated by generating 63,000 visits to the Blind Barber website including 50,000 unique users in one month following the campaign launch.

(hebrew national)

life in the early 2000's was different than it was today


this spot tells the story of that through hot dogs and dating. 

Hebrew national.png
Mother of Meat
(screamin sicilian)

Let the YouTube comments speak: 


"This ad is so immature but I can't help but smile every time I see it" 

"Tbh this is how ads should be, funny and short"

"I have one of those but you or your employees put too much pepperoni and I haven't tried it yet but I will see just next time don't put to much pepperoni please and thank you"

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